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Intracom teams with Inmarsat to offer Cloud Based PTT Services and Matrix Intercom over Satellite

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Intracom teams with Inmarsat

VCOM Cloud, from Intracom Systems, LLC, turns any PC, laptop or smartphone into a secure, multi-channel push-to-talk device. The solution extends land radio or satcom communications to any compatible laptop or smartphone as an easy-to-use cloud-based solution. Moreover, phones lines can be brought into VCOM via SIP enabling dial-in / dial-out capabilities to private and public phone networks.    Intracom immarsat

As workforces become more complex, so too do their communication needs. The ability to instantly speak to one or several of your personnel at the touch of a button can streamline decision-making, increase operational efficiency, and improve safety. VCOM Cloud is a software IP-based multichannel solution that can transform any Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone into a pushto- talk (PTT) device. Extremely scalable, VCOM Cloud can support a virtually infinite number of securely encrypted channels and conferences, so your entire workforce can communicate. It is highly interoperable, so your existing PTT solutions can be integrated into VCOM Cloud quickly and easily, even if you have multiple different PTT networks. The software allows rapid reconfiguration of your network, setting up communications groups and individual conferences at the touch of a button through its intuitive and easy-to-use administration interface. Designed for mission-critical communications, VCOM Cloud’s resilient network setup means that should the master server fail, a backup can immediately be initiated, and communications re-established in seconds.

Using VCOM Cloud together with Inmarsat’s global 3G IP network means that you can implement reliable, secure push-to-talk connectivity no matter where your business operates, even in areas where cellular and radio connectivity can’t reach, thanks to Inmarsat’s 99.9% network availability over its satellite and ground network. Through its Certified Application Partner programme, Inmarsat has certified VCOM Cloud as Inmarsat-ready. If you’re looking

to leverage the reliable global reach of Inmarsat’s award-winning satellite network to provide instant communications for your workforce, VCOM Cloud is ideal. VCOM Cloud has been certified for use over the following Inmarsat services:    BGAN  and  FleetBroadband

Usage scenarios

  • Oil & Gas’ – HQ can easily communicate between offshore rigs and onshore field teams
  • Mining – communicate between camps and with personnel in the same camp
  • Aid – first responders use PTT to coordinate between ground teams and HQ
  • Utilities – provide field engineering and maintenance teams with reliable communications
  • Media – use PTT to coordinate with technicians for on-the-ground broadcasting

Inmarsat coverage

VCOM Cloud is supported by Inmarsat’s global L-Band network coverage, ensuring reliable access to critical data from remote sites anywhere in the world.

vcom immersat coverage



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Intracom teams with Inmarsat to offer Cloud Based PTT Services and Matrix Intercom over Satellite

Using VCOM Matrix Intercom in Aerospace / NASA Applications Today with SIP

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Using VCOM in Aerospace Applications (Part 1)
Several NASA locations are using VCOM for several years in communications applications. I will describe some of them and also mention some other VCOM users in this market.

NASA Desert Research and Technology Studies
NASA’s Desert Research and Technology Studies team (“Desert RATS”) use VCOM for IP communications by replacing some radio systems at desert and arctic testing sites for extraterrestrial excursion vehicles connecting via a 100 km by 100 km Wi-Fi mesh locally and to other NASA facilities using satellite backhaul from the desert test site.

Here is a description of their operations from the NASA Desert RATS webpage:
“The high-desert terrain and isolation of northern Arizona provides an ideal backdrop for the development and testing of spaceflight equipment and technology. NASA’s Desert Research and Technology Studies (Desert RATS) are carried out at a series of experimental sites within a 75-mile radius of Flagstaff, with the area around Winslow, Arizona’s Meteor Crater site serving as a major research hub.”
“The arid climate, harsh winds, and rocky desert terrain of the region allow NASA to evaluate different conditions that will enable multiple destinations for future human exploration including high Earth orbit, Lagrange points, the Moon, near-Earth asteroids (NEAs), Mars moons, and ultimately the surface of Mars. Experiments and training conducted at the Desert RATS site focus on equipment and spacesuit tests, vehicular excursions and exploration, remote communication protocols, and astrogeology.”

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Using VCOM Matrix Intercom in Aerospace / NASA Applications Today with SIP