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Financial Services and Virtual Communications

The VCOM Virtual Communications / Hoot Platform brings unprecedented power, ease of deployment, and affordability to multi-channel, multi-access critical communications for the Financial Services Industry. The solution is highly scalable to thousands of users, supports virtually an unlimited number of channels and conferences, boasts LDAP integration, SNMP traps, AES encryption, point-to-point QoS, CDR, video monitoring, and incorporates geo-positioning technology.

At the core of the system is the VCOM Virtual Matrix summing/mixing engine that facilitates point-point communications, group calls, and interactive web conferencing, in any number and complexity through our specialized trader voice application. Intuitive GUI’s can be loaded on PCs, Tablet PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices within minutes and provide point-and-click control for establishing multiple talk and/or listen voice paths. Advanced algorithms and engineering allow for ultra-low latency streaming and wide band communications on standard computer and network infrastructure.

VCOM control panel set up for financial services on a monitor

VCOM Trader Voice Application

Our VCOM trader voice application meets the specific Hoot requirements of financial institutions. Functionally, the system uses the Internet or a private data network for audio transfer and the VCOM Virtual Matrix summing/mixing engine to replace hardware based multiplexers. VCOM offers enhanced quality of service and control previously unavailable including the ability to identify who is talking on the circuit at any given time, disconnect individual users, and have private communications with any user, all from PCs, Tablets, or Smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.) connected to the network or internet.

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