VCOM Compatible RoIP Interface Gear

iPod Touches in charging bay running VCOM with extended batteries, belt clips, and guided touch templates for mission critical RoIP applications.

VCOM User Interface RoIP Screen

RoIP Solutions

VCOM seamlessly interconnects PTT Services and LMRS without geographic limitation and extends communications to Android and iOS devices. The client-side VCOM User Interface features an optional PL (conference or “Hoot” channel) assignment mode which allows operators to easily add and remove SIP and interfaced devices — including radios — from PLs.

VCOM User Interface

Shown in PL Assignment Mode Bridge #1 as the PL selected to change and Radio #1 through #4 as already assigned members of the PL.

VCOM Over Satellite RoIP WIreless Intercom User

VCOM over Satellite

VCOM in use over satellite using vehicular uplink terminal.

VCOM Over Satellite RoIP Wireless Intercom System User

Demo VCOM RoIP on your iOS or Android device right now!

Download, install, and at the config screen enter: Virtual Matrix IP address “”; Username “your name”; Password “guest”; Click a green selector to listen and a red to talk.