Matrix communications, multi-channel video streaming, and more!

Matrix Communications

Configure virtually unlimited point-to-points, fixed groups, and conference channels. Communications is always-on and non-blocking diminishing physical distance.

Live streaming

Users at the scene of an event can use their smartphones to capture and live stream video and audio data to any other users, as well as monitor one of more video feeds simultaneously.

Accessible via web or native app

No need to download any software. Access your mission critical communications right in your browser. Native apps are also available for user who prefer a more dedicated experience.


WebRTC is the new standard for real-time communications allowing for extremely low latency, excellent echo cancellation, and high quality 48KHz audio. Upgrade your mission critical communications using the latest and greatest technology.


Monitor external HLS video feeds from your VCOM WebRTC control panel. Additionally, users can capture and live stream from their webcam or other selected video source.

Ideal for working remotely


Mission critical communications right at your desk, wherever it may be. Thousands of professionals are accessing their VCOM systems remotely in response to the COVID outbreak.


View the precise location of other system users, with access to a global-scale map with other users appearing as pin-points beside their name along with longitude/latitude coordinates.

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