Virtual Communications

VCOM Virtual Communications has gained wide acceptance within the Aerospace Industry, fulfilling critical communication demands ranging from UAV flight simulation training to commercial rocket launches. VCOM Aerospace users include NASA, Virgin Galactic, Aerospace Corp, and Sandia Research Corp. Among NASA’s various applications for VCOM are their Desert Rats (D-RATS) team and Intelligent Robotics Group at AMES/Moffett Field, who use VCOM for IP-Comms required in testing extraterrestrial excursion vehicles at desert, rocky and Arctic sites.

Aerospace VCOM Virtual Tactical Military Communications Screens at Nasa

Sandia Research Corp

UAV Flight Simulation, Training, and Analysis Workstation utilizing VCOM

Aerospace VCOM Virtual Communications NASA Control Center


VCOM in use within Control Center

Aerospace Tactical Military Communications Operator at Nasa

NASA Desert Research and Technology Studies (D-RATS) using VCOM

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