About Intracom Systems

Who We Are

Intracom Systems, LLC develops software based, mission critical communications solutions. Our core product, VCOM, is an always on, multi-channel, multi-access matrix communications platform that can be provisioned in the cloud or on-premise. VCOM is protected under U.S. Patents 8,660,039, 8,942,141, 9,357,077, 10,701,319. Intracom was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in the Silicon Beach region of Los Angeles, CA.

VCOM Matrix User Interface for iOS on iphone

Our Customers and Markets

Intracom customers include many industry leaders in an array of industries including:

  • Military/Defense: satellite launch and tracking facilities, testing and simulation environments, military command and control centers, and shipboard;
  • Industrial/Commercial: factories, simulation environments, hospitals, oil drilling, energy and water distribution, nuclear power, and cruise ships;
  • Corporate/Financial: remote work groups, brokerage houses, and stock and commodities exchanges;
  • Civil/Homeland Security: port security, mobile command vans, tactical units, dispatch centers, 911 call centers, air traffic control, and overall integrated Homeland Security communications in emergency scenarios;
  • Broadcast & Entertainment: major studios and networks, large event production teams and production coordination from Broadway to college and community theatre;
  • Private Circuit (“Hoot-N-Holler”): financial institutions such as brokerage firms, oil and gas companies along pipelines for maintenance and emergency communications, railroads, emergency management agencies, National Weather Service for statewide and nationwide communications, and automobile salvage yards for locating auto parts from other salvage yards.

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