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New VCOM Video Capture & Live-Stream Function

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The new VCOM WebRTC Capture and Live-Stream function allows you to stream video from your Smartphone to one or more other VCOM clients simultaneously. VCOM live-streams are high quality, low-latency and work over WIFI or cellular. 

Click here for a demonstration video



To try the new live-streaming feature, in a chrome web browser go to


Click on Control Panel


Log in with a username of your choice, such as your first name, and password “guest”


Press Open Menu at the bottom of the screen


Press Open Webcam


Your camera view will show behind the selectors. You can press the camera icon to the right of the gear icon to switch between front-facing and back cameras.


Pull up on the blue bar to adjust the camera view.


Tap on the settings button to change the bitrate or enable audio.


Tap on the red circle to start/stop streaming.


To view the stream, log in to the control panel on another device or another browser window and click the Live selector.


Multiple live-streams can be viewed at the same time.


Other new VCOM Control Panel Features:


Video selectors

Video monitoring selectors allow you to video video feeds from a variety of sources such as security cameras, drones, and YouTube streams.


The video monitoring selectors are orange and appear right next to the normal selectors on the main Control Panel window. Click on the selector and the video will play at the bottom of the screen.


Click on the NASA selector to view this video.



The Geolocation feature allows you to view where clients on the control panel are located.


To open the new Geolocation feature click Add View then click Geolocation.


The Geolocation view will appear to the right of your screen. You can mouse over individual clients to get their exact longitude and latitude.



The Chat feature allows you to quickly send messages to other clients.


To open the new Chat feature click Add View then click Chat.




The Dial pad feature lets you make calls to any number right from the Control Panel.


To open the new Dial pad feature click Add View then click Dial pad.




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New VCOM Video Capture & Live-Stream Function

VCOM Web UI For Fi-Services

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VCOM’s new web based control panel for Fi-Services incorporates Hoots, conferences, point-to-points, phone services, multi-channel video, geo-positioning, telemetry data, and instant messaging into one intuitive, flexible UI. VCOM is highly interoperable with legacy communications systems and can be deployed in-the-cloud or on-prem.


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VCOM Web UI For Fi-Services