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Interfacing Options

VCOM is highly interoperable, easily bridging disparate communication systems including  two-way radios, phone systems, and hardware intercoms. The VCOM Virtual Matrix has an integrated SIP server and can directly interface with SIP devices and IP phone systems; Push-to-Talk (PTT) Services and Land Mobile Radios (LMR) connect to VCOM via SIP Gateways. VCOM Device Interface software allows 4-wire connections in combination with industry standard audio interface gear.

Download VCOM Device Interface
VCOM Wireless IP Intercom Audio Interface

Interfacing Gear

Motu 16A
16-channel I/O connects to PC or server running VCOM Device Interface software via Thunderbolt or USB connection.

RedNet 1
8-channel I/O sits anywhere on your network and connects to PC or server running VCOM Device Interface software via Dante digital audio networking.

Vocality RoIP SIP Gateway
Single to 12 port gateway for extending PTT (Push-To-Talk) and LMR (Land Mobile Radios) over IP to VCOM via SIP.

BHI SIP Audio Interface
Single connection device that provides a 4-wire audio connection to wireless intercoms for use with VCOM via SIP.

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