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The VCOM Virtual Matrix server revolutionizes the concept of matrix intercom. With it’s core multi-threaded, server-side summing/mixing engine, VCOM eliminates the need for typical matrix intercom circuit cards, card frames, and frame interconnects. VCOM’s virtual matrix provides non-blocking, multi-channel paths of communications within a single or redundant server system.

VCOM provides all the communications capabilities found in traditional matrix intercoms configurable thru the use of the VCOM System Administration graphical user interface. Point-to-point, Party Line, Group Call, IFB, ISO, client side latching or momentary talk and/or listen buttons, GPIOs, silence suppression, echo cancellation, voice activity detection, and SNMP reporting are among the many included system features.

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Multiple Solutions

The VCOM Virtual Matrix also provides interfaces to a variety of audio formats without the need for specialized circuit cards required in traditional matrix intercoms. VOIP, SIP, and Dante audio format interfaces are all possible directly from within the server. In addition, VCOM’s device interface software module allows connection to external devices to support 2 and 4-wire analog, AES, and MADI audio formats.

Expand your communications possibilities by utilizing VCOM Virtual Matrix servers and/or device interfaces on a private IP network or through VCOM Cloud Services to create a virtually limitless amount of communications paths between multiple geographic locations.

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