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VCOM Web UI For Fi-Services

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VCOM’s new web based control panel for Fi-Services incorporates Hoots, conferences, point-to-points, phone services, multi-channel video, geo-positioning, telemetry data, and instant messaging into one intuitive, flexible UI. VCOM is highly interoperable with legacy communications systems and can be deployed in-the-cloud or on-prem.


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VCOM Web UI For Fi-Services

VCOM v5.0 Matrix Intercom & Wireless Intercom System Now Available

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Wireless intercom VCOM system admin interface

VCOM v5.0 New Features and Capabilities

  • Web Tools: Browser based VCOM System Administration application; REST API available to partners and customers to integrate some or all VCOM Matrix capabilities into their workflow; VCOM WebRTC Control Panel (beta) runs on all major web browsers including Chrome, Edge, and
  • Seamless Integration of VCOM Matrix with SIP Phone Services:New VCOM
    Control Panel for Android incorporates Phone Dial Pad, Contacts, and
    Call History pages. Users can simultaneously place and receive phone
    calls while engaged in non-blocking matrix intercom communications.
  • SIPREC Recording: Integration of industry recording standard SIPREC enables recording from VCOM to SIPREC complaint third party recording platforms.
  • Multi-channel Video Monitoring and Routing: Integrated streaming media server within the VCOM Matrix enables multi-channel RTSP network streaming. Easily program and assign video selectors to VCOM clients. Ideal for “confidence video” feeds to VCOM users from third party video monitoring and routing solutions.
  • VR-360: New Android and iOS clients combine core VCOM capabilities, geo-positioning, and multi-channel video into an innovative 360 swipe-and-pinch UI and Virtual Reality experience.


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VCOM v5.0 Matrix Intercom & Wireless Intercom System Now Available