VCOM Virtual Matrix Server

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VCOM is based on a client / server architecture, meaning a VCOM Virtual Matrix server is provisioned on-premise or in-the-cloud. The VCOM Virtual Matrix is our platform’s core multi-threaded summing and mixing engine. The system is highly scalable to thousands of users, supports virtually an unlimited number of point-to-points, group calls, and party lines (aka conferences or “Hoots”), boasts AES-256 encryption, SIP support, and can be provisioned fully redundant.

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Flexible Hosting

VCOM matrices can be provisioned on-premise, in-the-cloud, on virtual machines, or bare metal servers. Systems can
be run with full redundancy.

Turnkey Options

Pre-configured, rackmount VCOM servers are available as well as cloud / SaaS solutions.

Recommended Hardware Specifications

  • OS: Windows 10 Professional x64 or Windows Server 2019 x64
  • CPU: 3Ghz
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB SSD

Note: VCOM matrices can be installed on virtually any modern Windows OS. For small systems it is only necessary to meet minimum hardware requirements.

View our User Guide for more information

Installation Overview

  1. Download VCOM Virtual Matrix from our downloads page;
  2. Extract and run the installer;
  3. Follow the prompts;
  4. Launch the System Administration using the desktop shortcut and from the System Maintenance menu click License. From this menu you will see your system ID. Send the ID to your Intracom sales representative to receive your system license key file (demo licenses are available upon request);
  5. Click Upload License to apply the license key file.

Note: Systems come with a 2-user trial license valid for one month.

Turnkey Options

Turnkey, pre-configured VCOM servers are available. We can ship on-premise servers directly to you, or provision you a system in-the-cloud.

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