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Private Line ‘Hoot’ Circuits

Private Line Circuits, also called Four Wire Circuits or “Hoot” Circuits, were introduced many years ago to meet the need of a circuit that would function as an intercom system. Anyone on the circuit could pick up a handset and make a general request and anyone on the circuit could respond. Financial institutions such as brokerage firms use private circuits to share information across sales offices. Oil and gas companies use them along pipelines for maintenance and emergency communications, as do railroads. Emergency management agencies and the National Weather Service use them for statewide and nationwide communications. Automobile salvage yards use private circuits for locating auto parts from other salvage yards.

VCOM Wireless Broadcast Intercom App Interface Pic

VCOM Circuit

VCOM Wireless Broadcast Intercom App Interface Pic

VCOM Circuit™ caters the power of VCOM to meet the specific requirements of the Private Circuit Market. Functionally, the system uses the internet or a private data network to replace leased lines from the telephone company and the VCOM Virtual Matrix summing/mixing engine to replace hardware based multiplexers. VCOM Circuit offers circuit operators independence from the phone companies, enhanced quality of service, and control previously unavailable including the ability to identify who is talking on the circuit at any given time, disconnect individual users, and have private communications with any user, all from any PC connected to the internet using an intuitive GUI.

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