Grass Valley AMPP & RTS Intercom

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Grass Valley’s cloud-native media processing platform GV AMPP manages the complete life cycle of live productions. The platform is capable of spinning up and configuration of resources running in the public cloud.  In a recent demo, Grass Valley integrated RTS VLink into the platform to easily create and configure a virtual machine running VLink. Read more about the integration here. A demo video is available here.

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Grass Valley AMPP & RTS Intercom

Intracom’s New VCOM Hardware Control Panels for IP-Based Matrix Intercom Platform Have it all Covered

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VCOM D406 and R606

Los Angeles, CA – June 14, 2022 – Intracom Systems, LLC, developer of highly interoperable, multi-
channel software communication systems, has added a series of hardware control panels to its VCOM™
platform, its IP-software multi-channel / multi-access communications solution. The VCOM
hardware control panels are cloud / SasS ready, bringing users unprecedented agility, power,
affordability, and ease of deployment for all professional and mission critical applications.

The VCOM Hardware Control Panels — available in desktop and rackmount versions —are powered by
WebRTC, the new standard for real-time communications that allows for low latency and high quality
48KHz audio. The units support DHCP and can connect to a VCOM Virtual Matrix Server in-the-cloud or
on-premise within minutes. Ultra-loud speakers make the units a perfect fit for noisy environments, and
high-quality gooseneck microphones complete the experience.

VCOM D406 Front Geolocation
The VCOM Desktop Control Panel D406 has an intuitive 7″ touch screen GUI that supports virtually
unlimited point-to-point, group call, IFB, and party line channels and features individual volume
controls. Multi-channel video streaming, geo-positioning of system users, on-screen dialing, and audible
notifications are also supported.

The VCOM Rackmount Control Panel R606 offers the same functionality and features as the VCOM
Desktop in 2RU form factor with an ultra-wide 8.8″ touchscreen. The feature-rich panels allow virtually
unlimited point-to-point, fixed group, IFB, and party line channels to be configured by users who can
selectively add, remove, resize, and reorganize viewing windows across the touchscreen.

Explained Stephen Brand, Intracom’s CEO, “Both versions can be rapidly provisioned in studios, control
rooms, or with users in remote locations. They can also be used interchangeably with VCOM software
clients on PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS devices — a new matrix intercom methodology developed by
Intracom to address the new business reality made necessary by the emergence of remote and
distributed communications.”

VCOM Control Panels support streaming capabilities with multi-channel video monitoring of HLS feeds
as well as WebRTC video streams from other VCOM system clients. VCOM’s video capabilities are ideal
for in-the-field news gathering, monitoring program feeds, and video chats.

A fully functional IP-PBX is incorporated within the framework and enables seamless integration
between traditional telephony and Matrix Intercoms. Users can place and receive phone calls
simultaneously with point-to-point, group calls, and party line communications.

A Geolocation feature allows the precise locations of other systems to be viewed via a global-scale map.
Other users are identified by pinpoints with longitude/latitude coordinates. Geolocation data serves as

an advantage in remote venue planning and meeting regulatory requirements in industries that require
the location of system users to be known.

“Our new hardware-based control panels really offer users the best of all worlds,” said Brand. “They
incorporate all the traditional features and form factors broadcasters, and other communicators, are
accustomed to, but these systems go far beyond tradition. They support on-prem as well as cloud
infrastructures, they’re powered by WebRTC, they can be permanently built-in as a rack-mount model,
or they can sit on a desktop and be transported quickly and easily. These units have it all covered for
corporate, government, broadcast – or any application where communication is essential to safety and
success. In other words – Every. Single. Event.”

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Intracom’s New VCOM Hardware Control Panels for IP-Based Matrix Intercom Platform Have it all Covered