Mission Critical Communications

Point-to-points, party lines, fixed groups, IFB, ISO, and more. Connect to PBX, Radios, ASIO, MADI, Dante, or virtually any SIP device.

Flexible and Scalable

VCOM can be provisioned in the cloud or on-premise. The platform is scalable to thousands of users and supports a virtually unlimited number of point-to-point, group, and conference channels. VCOM is trusted in many of the world’s most demanding communications applications across a number of industries including broadcast, aerospace, defense, and financial services.

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VCOM system network diagram

Demo VCOM Cloud

Option One

Click the button below to open VCOM WebRTC.

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Option Two

Download VCOM for iOS or Android from the buttons below. At the configuration screen enter ‘intracomsystems.net’ in the ‘IP Address’ field. Login for a live demonstration by entering any login name and entering ‘guest’ as the password.

Basic Functionality

User Interface Selectors can be configured for Talk, Listen, or Talk/Listen. Red selectors are ‘Talks’ and green keys are ‘Listens’.

User interface selectors dynamically indicate the state of the associated channel: offline (gray); online (green and/or red); actuated (bright green and/or red); channel activity (color oscillates); incoming call (fast flash — click on the flashing selector to establish a return voice path); device active tally (slow flash), and in-use tally (slow double flash).